SE-DesktopConstructor 1.3

A utility that allows you to customize your desktop
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SE-DesktopConstructor is a utility that allows you to customize your desktop. It can automatically change your wallpaper image and it will add a clock and a calendar to your desktop.
The utility is easy to use and it is supported on Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win7. Backgrounds can be customized with fill colors, in several kinds of gradient or with images. Background pictures are included in the application's library but others from your own computer can also be used. You can set up the program to automatically update the background at specific intervals that you choose (every minute, every three hours, once a day etc.). The clock and calendar can also be customized, and you might find it more useful to have them in plain sight rather than just in the Windows taskbar. You can change their position on the desktop, their size, color and fonts.

The program comes with a multilingual interface. The language support options are English, German, Polish, Russian and Chinese.

SE-DesktopConstructor is a utility for those who spend lots of time on their computer and can easily get bored with their desktop, especially those with lots of deadlines for whom time is important to keep track of.

Margie Smeer
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  • It can customize your desktop automatically, according to the time interval set by you for performing this action


  • You may not like all the preset images, anyway this is a question of personal taste
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